You hired a REALTOR, you found the perfect home. You negotiated a good price. You got through all the inspections and appraisal. You get the financing approved. You have been notified that it’s clear to close.

You think you are ready to close…not just yet. You have the final walk through.

Recently I had a client ask “Why do you do a final walk through?”.” What are we looking for?”

The final walk through can be done a day or two day before close or typically it is done the day of closing. It’s an important final step because it allows the buyer to inspect the condition of home before taking possession from the seller.

Here are a few tips for things to do for this walk through:

  • Check for any damage to the walls of doors. Some nicks may happen as the seller moves out their property but holes in the walls is not acceptable.
  • Turn on the water faucets in the kitchen and baths. Is there hot water?
  • Turn on the furnace and air.
  • Flip on and off the light switches in all the rooms.
  • Make sure all the sellers’ personal property has been removed.
  • Check for debris or trash left in the home.
  • Open and close the garage door.
  • Turn on all of the appliances
  • Do all the doors close and/or lock properly.
  • Do a walk around the outside of the home and yard.

Remember the final walk through is an important step before closing on your Minneapolis home.

If anything is found to be wrong will the home’s condition the buyer and seller could negotiate repair or the seller would need to make them before closing .

Karen Pelkey

REALTOR® Keller Williams Classic Realty Northwest


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